Gaming has become the world’s most valuable form of entertainment. Video Games have surpassed Hollywood, Music, and every North American sports league all together in overall value. Part of the popularity in gaming is the dawn of competitive eSports, which has steadily caught up to & surpassed traditional sports in many ways.

Zenith has taken notice to the high demand for the eSports market which hasn’t been met in the MENA region (MENA being the world’s fastest growing market). We’ve established a new team “ZLM eSports” specifically to meet this new market demand. This team’s approach is a “For gamers by gamers” when it comes to bringing large scale live experiences for gaming enthusiasts across MENA. To do the above we’ve chosen Dubai as our main focus due to it’s great venues, existing infrastructure, global brand, and that it’s the primary hub for MENA’s many established & emerging industries.

Taejun Kim

Taeyup Kim

Azaan Farooq

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